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9 BALLS + 1 BALL 3 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 9 BALLS + 1 BALL 12 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 9 BALLS + 1 BALL 3 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 10 BALLS + 1 BALL 10 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 10 BALLS + 1 BALL 4 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 10 BALLS + 1 BALL 20 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 10 BALLS + 1 BALL 7 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 11 BALLS + 1 BALL 11 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 11 BALLS + 1 BALL 5 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 11 BALLS + 1 BALL 32 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 11 BALLS + 1 BALL 13 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 12 BALLS + 1 BALL 15 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 12 BALLS + 1 BALL 8 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 12 BALLS + 1 BALL 41 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 12 BALLS + 1 BALL 15 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 13 BALLS + 1 BALL 21 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 13 BALLS + 1 BALL 11 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 13 BALLS + 1 BALL 66 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 13 BALLS + 1 BALL 26 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 14 BALLS + 1 BALL 25 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 14 BALLS + 1 BALL 14 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 14 BALLS + 1 BALL 80 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 14 BALLS + 1 BALL 36 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 15 BALLS + 1 BALL 31 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 15 BALLS + 1 BALL 17 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 15 BALLS + 1 BALL 117 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 15 BALLS + 1 BALL 50 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 16 BALLS + 1 BALL 38 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 16 BALLS + 1 BALL 21 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 16 BALLS + 1 BALL 152 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 16 BALLS + 1 BALL 69 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 17 BALLS + 1 BALL 44 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 17 BALLS + 1 BALL 25 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 17 BALLS + 1 BALL 188 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 17 BALLS + 1 BALL 87 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5) 18 BALLS + 1 BALL 48 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 3) 18 BALLS + 1 BALL 30 Line (Guarantee of 3 in 4) 18 BALLS + 1 BALL 236 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 4) 18 BALLS + 1 BALL 114 Line (Guarantee of 4 in 5)

Power Lottery

Lotto Lottery Wheeling System

This modul is: calculate line for Taiwan Power Lottery lotto/lottery game. You can easy select ball and calcute your lines total.

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Lotto Lottery Wheeling System

For example

Lotto games are one of the most played games in the world. The reason for this is that the winners receive very high prize money. In the periods when consumption habits have changed rapidly and serial consumption has increased, it has become a dream to make a high amount of money. In this article we will present the perfect combinations that can work throughout the lotto games. Using these combinations and formulas, we guarantee you can accurately estimate at least a few numbers in lottery games. Since lotto games are completely randomly selected by number selection, it is difficult to create a certain formula in these games. However, many studies have been conducted on the random number selection of computers. In the light of these studies, some formulas have been produced in order to make accurate predictions in lotto games. Different lotto games can have different formulas. Because the number of loto numbers and the total number of each lottery game are different. The formulas we will describe in this article will be more or less valid for an average lottery game.

What Is Lottery Wheeling?

This system is generally used when the lottery is played with more than one ticket. In this system, people form a subset of the results that can occur and make different combinations from the most probable subsets. The different combinations aim to have at least 4 figures predicted in a lottery game. For example, if there are 49 figures in the lotto game, you have to reduce the numbers to 30 in the first stage. It is also possible to examine the previous lotto results. Due to system errors or system vulnerabilities, you may find that a number is coming out more. In the second stage, you have to select 20 from 30 numbers. Keep in mind that the remaining 20 numbers are very important to you. While there will be very few numbers in total, it is wrong to try to use all of the 49 numbers or to make a certain number of neutralities. Instead, it makes more sense to combine the numbers you have chosen as 20 units.

The main purpose of this system is that by playing more than one ticket, you should think of all the tickets as a single ticket. If the total number of the lottery number you must select is 10, you will select 60 numbers. These 60 numbers are placed on different tickets. But because the combinations are made with the same numbers, the probability of winning the lottery is very high if the guarantee number you have estimated is correct. Thanks to this system, if you have a total of 49 numbers to choose from in the lotto game, and you have chosen that one of these numbers is a guarantee number, the chances of winning are 1 in 49 games because you play many possibilities that can be combined with that guarantee number.

The most important and critical point of implementing this system is to purchase a sufficient number of coupons. If you predict the guarantee number correctly, but you have not purchased all of the possible number combinations around the guarantee number, you may experience a considerable regret.

The Kinds Of Lottery Wheeling

There are some types of the Lottery Whelling system. These types may vary depending on the number of coupons you play and the coupon strategy. Now, let's take a look at these lottory whelling strategies together.

1. Full Whell: This strategy is a strategy realized with the aim of winning the grand prize completely. It is possible to win the big prize with this strategy. This strategy is realized by playing all possible possibilities in the lotto game. To achieve this strategy, you must disregard high amounts of money. With this strategy you play a lot of coupons. But if you win the big prize, it's worth it. There is a point that you should pay much attention to when implementing this strategy. That point is: if this strategy is done by others and more than one person wins the big prize, the big prize will be divided into two. In this case, you may not be able to recover the money you spend on receiving a lot of lottery coupons. In this case, even winning the big prize will cost you money. Therefore, this path is very risky.

2. Abbreviated Wheel: This alternative is much less risky than the previous alternative. Because the coupons that contain all the possibilities of the guarantee number selected in this alternative are not purchased. Combinations are further limited by selecting multiple guarantee numbers instead. In this case, the probability of winning falls, but the probability of sharing the prize is reduced. You can use this method if you don't have a very high capital but still want to play a lot of lottery games and increase your chances of winning. When you use this method, you expect to be lucky by making limited combinations from the guaranteed numbers you set horizontally and vertically.

Is Lottery Wheeling reliable?

Is Lottery Wheeling reliable? It is a tricky question. This system does not need a guarantee to be reliable. But many people think that when they use this system, they will win a hundred percent. If you are constantly playing lotto game, it is very logical that you do not play lotto for a while and play a single game with a batch and system. In this respect, this system is a reliable system. We recommend that you try your luck systematically in a single lotto game instead of trying your luck in a scattered way. Playing in lotto games systematically will increase your ability to win every time you play. Winning in lotto games depends on chance as well as logical strategies. Don't forget to follow our website for more information and strategy on lotto games.

You can apply the transformed version of the strategies described above in any lottery game. Good Luck!

Disclaimer - Attention

Disclaimer: aytacsunar.com / MaksiTahmin is NOT affiliated with any lottery. This website is for your fun, entertainment, amusement, learning and developing lottery strategy. aytacsunar.com / MaksiTahmin is NOT responsible for any money you spend playing lotteries, nor should you expect aytacsunar.com / MaksiTahmin to monitarily reward you for picking winning numbers.

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