Terms of Use

As soon as you become a member of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com, you are deemed to have accepted in advance that you have read the entire agreement, fully understood its content, and unconditionally accept and approve all of its articles. This agreement, which must be read and approved while creating a new membership, is "I have read and approved the Membership Agreement." By ticking the option, it is deemed to have been read and approved.
1- The information given in the membership form is considered correct. Responsibility for any consequences that may arise from incorrect information belongs to the individual (member).
2- When using the MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com service, your profile contains your full name, e-mail address, user name and phone numbers. Members cannot provide such personal information while communicating with other members, nor can they request it from the other party. Otherwise, the responsibility belongs to the person (member).
3- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com Membership Agreement is valid as long as your membership is not canceled by you or the service.
4- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com has the right to cancel any member's membership, terminate the service and delete all records at any time without giving any reason.
5- The protection/confidentiality of the username and password belongs to the member. MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com cannot be held responsible for forgotten, lost or seized usernames and passwords and their restoration.
6- The member cannot transfer his user name and password to another person. Otherwise, it is deemed to have accepted all legal obligations that may arise.
7- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com reserves the right to make changes to the member's information when necessary.
8- Members who write confidential or publicly personal information such as e-mail address, telephone, address in or on entries such as pictures and user names, they knowingly and willingly write this information and accept all legal responsibilities that may arise. Those who become members by using someone else's picture that does not belong to them for any reason accept all legal responsibilities that may arise and the said member cannot hold MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com responsible. In such cases, MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com has the right to give all the information of the member, including the IP number, to the competent authorities.
9- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com managers are not responsible for any material and moral damages that may arise from the use of any information on MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com and provided by the members. Members accept this in advance by using this information.
10- No propaganda can be made on ideological, religious or political issues within MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com.
11- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is not responsible for the content of the sites to which it links and promotes banners.
12- In case of damage to the members and third parties other than MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com due to the articles published on MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com, MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com will, in this regard, if the dispute is within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Penal Code, and if it is within the borders of the other country, the international may take any legal action on the basis of the rules of law.
13- The provisions of the relevant law will be applied on the issues of "seizing the computer program, duplicating, destroying the system data, tampering with the evidence" regulated under the title of "Information Crimes" by the Turkish Penal Code.
14- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com has the right to use the information provided by the members.
15- Members cannot initiate any legal action against MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com due to disruptions in the service.
16- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is free to give all kinds of information to legal authorities regarding illegal and immoral transactions to be made by using MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com service. It cannot be held responsible for the actions taken or for providing information to the legal authorities.
17- The member cannot take any action on behalf of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com, represent MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com and cannot make binding promises on behalf of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com without the permission of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com.
18- Services offered by MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com; It cannot be used in a way that will attack personal rights, insult or harm individuals and institutions or MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com.
19- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is not responsible for what members write in interactive areas within the site; Here do not necessarily share the opinions written.
20- Articles published on MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com may be removed and/or their contents may be changed partially or completely without notice and reason.
21- Members cannot prevent others from using interactive areas as they wish.
22- Members of any type of illegal, threatening, harassing, insulting, profanity, humiliating, vulgar, pornographic or pornographic material that creates or encourages a situation that will constitute a crime, require legal proceedings or violate the laws at the local, national or international level. may not post or transmit offensive or indecent information.
23- Including those that violate the privacy or broadcasting rights of others, or are adapted from materials that are protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights or fall within these described classes; Post or transmit any information, software or other material that infringes or contradicts the rights of others without the prior permission of the owner or holder.
24- Members cannot post or transmit any information, software or other material containing a virus or other harmful element.
25- Members cannot post or transmit any information, software or material that has commercial purposes or contains advertisements.
26- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com members can unsubscribe at any time. MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com has the right to cancel the membership without any warning.
27- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to unauthorized reading of member data without any negligence of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com (the member's sharing his information with other people, not leaving the site, etc.).
28- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com complies with the privacy rules applicable on the internet.
29- The personal information you provide to MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com will not be used for any other purpose and will not be given to other persons and institutions.
30- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is not responsible for the privacy principles of the sites suggested by its visitors to other visitors.
31- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com has the right to use the information provided by its members and in the database to transform it into statistical information, to use it in advertising and marketing, to determine the general tendencies of the site users, and to enrich its content and services.
32- The information given while registering to MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com can only be accessed with your password. Password protection is essential to keep information confidential. It is the member's responsibility to keep the password confidential.
33- MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com does not accept any responsibility for the consequences that may arise if the membership information is captured by malicious persons as a result of attacks on the database and if they are used maliciously.
34- Persons under the age of 18 cannot become members of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com and cannot register on behalf of another adult. If proven otherwise, the membership will be cancelled. Members must accurately indicate that they are 18 years of age or older and are responsible for the accuracy of this statement.
35- Messages that have copyrights such as pictures, music, prose cannot be copied and sent in any way. Otherwise, the other party's copyrights are deemed to have been violated and all responsibility belongs to the member.
36- Any records or materials obtained by using MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com services are completely within the consent of the user, the faults, loss of information and other losses that may occur on the user's computer are solely his/her own responsibility, and MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com is responsible for any damages he may incur due to the use of the service. cannot demand.
37- During the use of the service offered by MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com, any performance failure, error, deficiency, interruption, defect, computer virus and/or line and/or system failure, including direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com and/or its employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to, even if they have been informed of the possibility of such damage and loss.
38- Members cannot post or transmit any information, software or material that has commercial purposes or contains advertisements. It cannot make any demands or advertising activities, such as buying or selling any products from other members. For this purpose, "e-mail chains" for members cannot be established; "junk e-mail" cannot be sent.
39- The articles on this page can be changed at any time by MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com, provided that the changes are stated on this page.
40- Those who are members of MaksiTahmin.com/AytacSunar.Com accept all the rules mentioned above in advance and must comply with these rules.

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